Andy Summers Comes To Connecticut!

by John A. Wilcox

Here we are in 2024. Quite a stress-filled year already. A bitterly divided election year. War. Protests. Hatred. Anger. What can we do? What can we agree on? Is there anything at all that can bring us together? Music. Music is always the answer! Enter Andy Summers. Who? Andy Summers. The guitarist for the Police. That guy. But calling Andy Summers the guitarist for the Police is seriously selling his talents short!

Summers' pre-Police resume includes live gigs & albums with Soft Machine, Eric Burdon And The Animals, Joan Armatrading, Jon Lord (on his wonderful Sarabande album ), Mike Oldfield and too many more to mention. Summers really got around with that guitar! In 1982 he released an album with King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked. It's a wonderful melding of 2 guitarists finding common ground and the album also gave birth to a single : the title track. 2 years later they got together for a sequel - the more pop-esque Bewitched.

Since the disbanding of the Police in the mid-80s, Summers has been quite a busy lad! Quite a spate of solo albums. Guest spots on albums. Another band project - Circa Zero. Books of his photography - including A Certain Strangeness in 2019. The title A Certain Strangeness is borrowed from the poet Coleridge, Summers saying that the phrase succinctly sums up the quality in a photograph that opens the eyes wide. Summers followed that with the compelling opus A Series Of Glances. Now he's taken his hand to writing short stories. His collection is rather appropriately called Fretted And Moaning. A brief excerpt from the story The Lotus Position gives a glimpse : She Valery had sexy thighs. She knew it. Men stared at her like she was lunch; it was obvious what they wanted.

Summers is on the road once more with The Cracked Lens + A Missing String. It's a one-man show combining music with his photography and spoken word. Summers toured the show last year for 40 dates & rave reviews! The show is carefully built to capture the relationship between imagery, words and sounds, each performance is nevertheless unique, driven by Summers' appreciation for improvisation and the give-and-take between audience and performer demanded by each intimate venue reported Forbes. The set includes a clutch of Police tunes, a great representation of solo numbers, and a few significant covers. I'm thrilled to be going out with his show again - says Summers - let the light shine. So put on a comfy shirt. Leave your job, your worries, your life behind. Experience the magic spell that Andy Summers' The Cracked Lens + A Missing String show will weave. Isn't that much better?

Andy Summers
Thursday, May 30, 7:30 PM
Sacred Heart University Community Theatre
1420 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Sacred Heart University Community Theatre

Andy Summers
Sunday, June 2, 7:00 PM
The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
300 Main Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center


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