Brand X Comes To South Salem!

by John A. Wilcox

It's prog! It's Jazz! It's rock! It's fusion! It's all of those and much more! I'm talking about the unforgettable freewheeling sounds of Brand X. I've been a fan since the get go in the mid-seventies. Albums like Unorthodox Behaviour, Moroccan Roll and Product scratched my itch for jaw-dropping runs, impossible licks, and memorable pieces!

In 2018, Brand X is no less a formidable beast than it's ever been. Founders Percy Jones and John Goodsall still helm the collective. I asked Jones who fills out the current Xers: John Goodsall .. Guitar, Chris Clark .. Keys, Kenny Grohowski .. Drums, Scott Weinberger .. Percussion, Me (Percy Jones) .. Bass. The band is supporting a new live set - Locked & Loaded - a superb slice of madness! I asked Jones what's the best part of playing live: Getting out on the road again and playing to Punters who for the most part have been very enthusiastic so far. It's fun also playing that old material again, most of which I hadn't even listened to for 40 years. One thing you won't hear are any of their vocal numbers! Jones again: Well, just recently John said he wanted to play Don't Make Waves. I said I didn't want to do it and suggested we stick to the instrumental stuff. The last time we did it the band broke up!

So, what can the crowd at The Heights At Brother Vic's expect? Jones: Hopefully some good energy and spontaneity, there is always some improv going on in certain sections, so you never know where it's going to go from night to night. We always try and have some fun without destroying the essence of the tunes. This is a band always moving forward. What might the future hold for Brand X? Thus far we've been playing material from the old records and gradually moving up chronologically. We're now doing assorted stuff from Unorthodox Behaviour up through Product. Pretty soon we're going to start thinking about some totally new material. Now is your chance to catch this powerhouse band at one of the friendliest venues I've ever attended in my life! I'll see you there!!

Brand X
Friday, November 30, 8 PM
The Heights At Brother Vic's
920 Oakridge Commons
South Salem, NY 10590


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