I've been a professional cartoonist since 1983. My resume includes everything from Amazing Spider-Man to Riverdale High to Indiana Jones to Elvira Mistress Of The Dark and back. To this day I never stopped being a fan. I love conventions. Hanging out with fellow fans. Lots of fantastic merch. Great cosplayers. Great people. Fun events. I love it all and always will!

From July 20 - 23 ConnectiCon 20 hits Hartford Connecticut full force! Tons of events. Tons of guests. A.J. Beckles; Amalee; Anairis Quinones; Carlos Ferro; Doug Cockle; David Matranga; Laila Berzins; Luci Christian; Tim Buckley. That's only scratching the surface! Oodles of vendors offering comic books, manga, anime, collectible figures, food, unique handcrafted items, clothing and much more. Artists galore. Gaming. Contests. Cosplayers by the metric ton. It's so big, it's at 2 locations at once!

So very much to see and do at ConnectiCon 20! I even hear on good authority that I'll be wandering around to cover it! Say hi if you see me! Tap into your inner fan and be part of the fun! Bring your family and friends as well!

ConnectiCon 20
July 20 - 23
Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103
For hours & to purchase tickets, click here : ConnectiCon


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