A Trip To The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

by John A. Wilcox

You say you want to bring the kids out for a fun time, but you want to enjoy yourself as well. Maybe you're a cosplayer looking for a great excuse to show off your abilities. Perhaps you're just in a mood to hang out with knights and maidens. The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is a perfect fit for all of your needs and desires! The Faire has found a new home this year. I spoke to one of the forces behind the Faire - Eric Tetreault: We're incredibly excited about our move from Lions Fairgrounds in Hebron to the overflow parking area of Dodd Stadium in Norwich. City officials and CJ of Dodd Stadium have been incredibly helpful making our move as smooth as possible. You'll find an event full of colorfully garbed performers and merchants. Pirates, Queens, minstrels, and bards. Lots of fascinating items for sale, plenty of food, thrills, spills, jests, and jousts.

Tetreault once more: Our guests will love the new Henry VIII theme with all-new costumes and storyline to follow. Of course there is a whole new layout to explore, new shops, new shows, and returning favorites like Zoltan and Smee and Blogg. While there are knights and archers, wizards and dragons, it is all kid-friendly and kid-safe. That said, plenty of fun for adults as well. You'll find yourself transported back to another era. A time of virtue, varlets, and heroes. Sing a song, play a game, try and finish that giant turkey leg! Submit to the whims of the King! The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is a time machine waiting to bring the past to your present! What more can you possibly ask for?

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire
Saturdays, Sundays & Columbus Day Sept 21 - Oct 20, 10:30am-6pm
14 Stott Ave
Norwich, CT 06360
(860) 478-5954


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