John Lodge On The Road!

by John A. Wilcox

My Moody Blues memories are very distinct. 2 cassettes especially. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and Seventh Sojourn I listened to them endlessly. Melodic prog rock, pop, and something else. Class. Classy music. They were & are journeys for me. John Lodge's writing, voice and playing were always a lynch pin to that sound. An energy. Add to that the Blue Jays album with Justin Hayward and Lodge's Natural Avenue solo album. As Lodge himself recently said to me : A magical time.

Songs like I�m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band), Emily's Song, Gemini Dream, Ride My Seesaw, Isn�t Life Strange, and Steppin� in a Slide Zone display Lodge's talent well. Propulsive when needed, elegant when called for. Unforgettable. Is it any wonder the Moody Blues made the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? In recent years, John Lodge gave us 10,000 Light Years a brilliant new collection of songs. This was followed by the live set John Lodge: Live From Birmingham � The 10,000 Light Years Tour.

I wanted to do some of the Moody Blues songs that I hadn't done before or that we don't do onstage Lodge told me. So Lodge put together a stellar band - Alan Hewitt on keyboards, Duffy King on electric and acoustic guitars, Billy Ashbaugh on drums, and Jason Charboneau on cello and guitars. There'll be those promised Moody Blues numbers, a Blue Jays tune, and, with the death of Ray Thomas this year, something very special indeed. I want to celebrate Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder. said John Lodge. Ray Thomas and I worked together since I was 14. This is truly a rare opportunity to see this music legend in a beautiful, intimate venue. Do not miss this one!

John Lodge
Infinity Music Hall & Bistro
Saturday, October 20, 2018
20 Greenwoods Road West
Norfolk, CT 06058
(860) 542-5531


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