Track By Track : Terry Draper - Lost

By John A. Wilcox

Another fine album from Klaatu's Terry Draper! This one is Lost and Terry's going to take you through it track by track! As a bonus, Jamie Grant has made a series of videos for the songs and you can find them here: Lost Videos

Track 1: Lost
TD: To some Lost implies negativity... but not in this case. Travelling an unfamiliar road in an unfamiliar land can be invigorating! The best part of being Lost.
What can�t I see from my window? What lies beyond my front door?
Bill Nadeau... guitars.

Track 2: A New Journey
TD: A co-written lyric with Kiki Willows for the radio show "Starridia: Lunar Park Ranger". What better way to get LOST than to start A New Journey.
One door will open as another closes.

Track 3: A Walk In The Park
TD: We were wandering through Taylor Park in Largo, Florida and came upon some girls practicing flag twirling� later on they were twirling guns! I do like A Walk In The Park.
I best be home before dark.
Bill Nadeau� guitars. Dana & Tricia Countryman� background vocals.

Track 4: I Am Voyager
TD: Watching a documentary On Voyager 1 and wandering what she would say� Receiving the lost message from Voyager 1 circa 1980 as she leaves our Solar System and heads toward the cosmos.
I am the harbinger�The primal messenger of Earth.
Jamie Hoover� background vocals.

Track 5: The Sun Never Sets (On The British Empire)
TD: Originally the verses were sung but it wasn�t working� I tried narration. Better but not quite right. Enter Kieron to narrate as a young Winston Churchill.
The Union Jack, unfurled above a quarter of the world.
Bill Nadeau� guitars. Kieron Lafferty� narration.

Track 6: Home
TD: Pondering the pandemic in 2020. I had no intention of writing a covid song� that wagon was full. This just kinda fell out.
Here am I alone complying in my comfort zone.
Lisa Mychols� background vocals. Probyn Gregory� ukulele.

Track 7: Armchair Travelers
TD: The joy of traveling� The thrill of discovery� The Armchair Travelers don�t know the sense of �being there�.
You can�t see the world reading a book.
Dana & Tricia Countryman� background vocals..

Track 8: Land For A Flag
TD: Co-written & performed with Alex Davila. Everyone needs a place to plant their flag.
Where�s my lovely match waving the adventure flag?
Alex Davila� guitars, drums & background vocals.

Track 9: There�s No Goin� Back
TD: Contemplating being single... Luckily, I have to imagine it.
If dreaming made dreams come true I would still be here with you.
Bill Nadeau� guitars. Dana Countryman� trumpet. Dana & Tricia Countryman� background vocals. Mixed by Ian Stewart.

Track 10: Ponce de Leon
TD: A hero for me amongst a myriad of ruthless Spanish Conquistadors. Written in March, 1992 after a visit to St. Augustine, Florida.
Instead of finding youth, you found eternal rest.

Track 11: Great Big Bullies
TD: Written on January 28, 2015. Originally created for the animated film �Sparked� (as yet unmade) about Nikola Tesla as a child. My attempt at singing like �Goofy�, the beloved Disney character.
We�ll beat you up for fun and eat your lunch.

Track 12: The Sultan�s Dream
TD:Inspired by �Rise of Empires - Ottoman�. I do love history and the opportunity to investigate a different musical genre. Apologies for the anachronistic use of �Ceddin Deden�.
Constantinople is The Sultan�s Dream.
Jamie Hoover� background vocals.

Track 13: The Edification Of Edward
TD: Written on January 18, 2020 in Clearwater, Florida. A rather silly autobiography.
A jolly good fellow is he.

Track 14: Pangaea
TD: Possibly my favourite song on this album. A metaphor, hoping the world will come together and be as one.
Divided... Torn apart.
Bill Nadeau� guitars. Jamie Hoover� back ground vocals.


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