Track By Track: Manooghi Hi - Manooghi Hi

By John A. Wilcox

Manooghi Hi are:Mehnaz Hoosein (vox), Ava Chakravarti Fogelsonger (vox), Todd Fogelsonger (guitar/vox/percussion), Mark Nichols (keys/geektar/vox/shenai), Jimmy Thomas (bass), John Hollis (drums/ percussion), and Jarrod Kaplan (percussion). They play psychedelic pop world prog indefinable music that will capture your imagination and move your butt at the same time. The ever charming Mehnaz Hoosein takes us track by track through their debut album...

Track 1: Kismet
MH: Pushing forward back in the presence of Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Hendrix, Gandhi and Andy Warhol, we play with colourful strings of destiny along with haunting riffs and chords that lead us to a vocal ecstasy in English, Persian and Hindi. Kismet is epic on every scale.

Track 2: Om Baba
MH: The Queen of Sanskrit mantras, "Gayatri Mantra," is singing and dancing to the spirit of 'Rock'. A holy mix of Sanskrit words, rhythms and vibrations illuminate all 7 chakras of the 7 Manooghis. We shake the ground and stir some souls each time we hit the stage.

Track 3: Kali
MH: A dark, powerful and fearless sound tells this story of Kali Ma. Licks that stick, cleverly chopped arrangements make it bloody impossible not to get drunk on the very thought of this Goddess who symbolizes death of ego. Sung in the sweet language of Bengali the English translation reads " Stick out your tongue, my lovely little one, have no fear." We invoke her during our performance and let our tongues rock and roll.

Track 4: Bubbles
MH: A beautiful tapestry of piano, strings, percussion and vocals bring out the fertile child in all of us. Bubbles, simply sits on your ears and my senses start to float not wanting that light headiness to ever end.

Track 5: Humm
MH: "Everybody's talking at the same time, Everybody's making up their own rhyme, Everybody now Humm"....Verbal diarrhea at its lyrical, melodic and harmonic best. Chaos and urgency in a pitter patter between these Seattle rockers and the Mumbai lingo girl makes Humm a fun and psychedelic state of mind to be in.

Track 6: Duma Dum Mast Kalandar
MH: A traditional Sufi song that elevates us to a point of no return at times. Singing in praise of Lord of Sindh, the universal impact and appeal of this extempore and free spirit arrangement by the brilliant band possesses me to give it all I've got.

Track 7: Manooghi Hi
MH: If there was one song on the album that was meant to tease, shock and confuse the hell out of you, this is it. From the sound of our very own Pied Piper playing the shehnai to the nonsensical rhythm and rhyme and middle eastern orchestral fill ins, they all compete to keep pace and stay in the race. Tabla Boli scatting flirts shamelessly and endlessly with the drums until the entire band comes in after having shown off their marvelous individual artistry to bring down the house and the curtain of what we call "Manooghi Hi"(gh).


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