I have not been to a Ren Faire since 2019, so it has been a while! I felt that the time was right so I headed over to Ansonia with my friend Lisa & her friend Ellen. It was a very warm and slightly humid day. I had to use a wheelchair, so I was pretty much parked in 1 tent for the afternoon. That let me unable to visit the other tents full of vendors, minstrels, performers extraordinaire & adventure. No matter. The faire I experienced did not leave me wanting. My faire was all about family, friends & love. Lisa, Ellen, Marcie, Mysti, Jessica, Dave & others treated me like gold. My day was full to the brim!

The Faire has 2 more weekends. Treat yourself to a well-deserved day out for families of every sort! All are welcome! Here's a link to the Faire's site : Midsummer Fantasy Renaissane Faire


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