A Night Of Renaissance In Ridgefield

by John A. Wilcox

The majority of current radio is angry rap & hip hop demeaning women and glorifying criminal activities and vapid lifestyles. Is it any wonder I keep coming back to the luxurious music of Renaiassance? Crystalline vocals, rolling pianos, strummy acoustic guitars and beautifully melodic bass. Add to that soaring technicolor orchestra parts and you get musicthat inspires as it uplifts. Even the bleakest Renaissance tunes like Mother Russia are carried by majestic melodies and delicious harmonies. Carpet Of The Sun, I Think Of You, The Captive Heart, Northern Lights, Let It Grow - all bring smiles as they touch the heart. Midas Man, Song Of Scheherazade, Ocean Gypsy, A Trip To The Fair - musical adventures touching upon moods and themes that will stay with you for years to come.

2019 has been a great year for Renaissance fans. The UK label Esoteric Recordings has released deluxe, multi-disc remasters of several keys albums from the Renaissance catalogue. Ashes Are Burning, Novella, A Song For All Seasons (featuring the hit single Northern Lights), and Live At Carnegie Hall. The releases are all packed with bonus materials ranging from rare photos and quotes from Annie Haslam and Terry Sullivan to unrelesed tracks and complete vintage radio broadcasts. The band also has an Indiegogo page where you can help support their work and get ultra-cool incentives like Cds, original Annie Haslam artwork, and even a concert played at your house!! Check it out here: Renaissance 50th Anniversary HD Concert Film

Live At Carnegie Hall was and is a magical record. It took the Annie Haslam / Michael Dunford / Jon Camp / John Tout / Terry Sullivan incarnation of Renaissance and added the New York Philharmonic Orchestra & choir to stunning effect. Haslam returns to Ridgefield once more with a small orchestra joining Renaissance for your listening pleasure. Midas Man, Ocean Gypsy, Running Hard, Ashes Are Burning, and Symphony Of Light are promised to be in the 2 sets as well as many other Renaissance classics. Do your mind, heart, & soul a favor and come enjoy the magic!

Wednesday, October 16, 8 PM
The Ridgefield Playhouse
80 East Ridge
Ridgefield, CT 06877


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