Track By Track : Terry Draper - Sunset On Mars

By John A. Wilcox

For decades I've been a fan of the Canadian band Klaatu. Melodic, lush, imaginative music. Klaatu's Terry Draper has a new album that is all a pop/rock/prog fan could ask for! Now is where I throw the rest of the intro to Draper himself:

Sunset On Mars... new music from Terry Draper (Klaatu). 16 songs available on CD as an 'Eco-Pak' and download. A diverse collection of songs ranging from the very pop, The Girl Next Door" to Progressive Rock, We All Fall Down to Psychedelic Sci-Fi, Watching You" and the title track Sunset On Mars.
This synopsis was created at my desk on January 28, 2020 in Clearwater, Florida. I sincerely hope you enjoy these recordings and the journey that begins with Sunset On Mars.

Cheers�����..Terry Draper.

Track 1: Sunset On Mars
TD: The opening song is the title track. I�m watching the images from the rover on Mars and wondering when will the last sunset on Earth be? And after the first sunset on Mars how many more before we decimate that planet too? But all is not lost�
We�ll recreate the fields and streams�We are defined by our dreams
Bill Nadeau... guitars in absentia. Brenda Webb... vocals.

Track 2: Screenagers
TD: I may be only one of a handful of �dinosaurs� who do not� nor never has owned a cell phone. This is, of course, by choice. I want to live in the world not watch it go by on a tiny screen. I found a photograph of some young children innocently playing with their cell phones in a magnificent library beneath a spectacular painting by one of the masters� Rembrandt I believe. They were oblivious! The photo spoke volumes.
I�m worried about the boys and the girls and the noise in their world
Glenn Belcher... guitars. Brenda Webb... vocals.

Track 3: All Of Our Days
TD: Having some fun in a �Moody Blues� fashion. An optimistic tune about turning that frown upside down.
To live for today and gladly give our smiles away
Bill Nadeau... guitars, Ray Paul & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 4: The Girl Next Door
TD: This is the most �Pop� tune on the album and the first single release. I have written a musical entitled Let�s Write A Musical About Amelia Earhart. In it, Maggie, a recent screenwriter and divorced moves in beside Anthony, a washed up rock star with writers� block. He gets his inspiration back� Great harmonies by Dana & Brenda in a Beach Boys� mode.
I think I fancy The Girl Next Door
Bill Nadeau... guitars, Dana Countryman & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 5: Giving
TD: An interesting intro with misdirection and a rousing chorus. A great deal of delayed autoharp and vocals helps create the backdrop.
Giving� The human thing to do
Bill Nadeau... guitars, Ray Paul.. b/g vocals.

Track 6: Terminus Politicus
TD: Written in 1978 as a post script to the Nixon era, I resurrected this song realizing that the lyric was equally relevant today. The only change I made was the addition of a short bridge sung by Brenda.
And everybody suffers but the sick man
Bill Nadeau... guitars & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 7: The Children March
TD: Inspired by Childhood�s End by Arthur C. Clarke, this tune was written around the same time as Politicus Terminus. Disillusioned children leave Earth for a better place. A childlike marching theme dissolves into a dark, minor mode.
Tis the end of man� The aged race
Bill Nadeau... guitars & b/g vocals, Michelle Berting-Brett & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 8: Lima The Grey
TD: We spent 2 weeks in Peru in September, 2018. Visited the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Cusco and The Nazca Plains. Lima was home base. A lovely time was had.
I was there on a sunny, sunny day
Michelle Berting-Brett.. b/g vocals.

Track 9: We All Fall Down
TD: This is the most �Prog Rock� track on the album. Created in October, 2018 whilst contemplating the changing seasons in Toronto, Canada. My optimistic nature shines in the lyric
despite the falling leaves of autumn and the shortening days. The highlight is 2 minutes of Bill�s guitar at the end. Like the leaves I can feel me falling
Bill Nadeau... guitars, Frank Gennuso� piano & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 10: Lazy Day
TD: We all have lazy days and herein I describe one of mine. Led by the plaintive bassoon intros, the song has a laid-back groove. It was such a �Lazy Day� that I got Brenda to sing the bridge!
I�m too tired to fix myself a drink
Dana Countryman� organ & b/g vocals & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 11: The Rain
TD: April showers� It rains frequently in spring in Toronto. On this day the weather got to me and I wrote this song about unrequited love. It is quite dark and different from my normally sunny disposition and therefore a personal favorite. Written on a Monday.
I won�t let life intrude
Terry D� all instruments & vocals.

Track 12: Now
TD: There is no past� there is no future� We must live in the moment. Carpe diem... Seize the day! This ballad was recorded in The Carpenters style with lovely harmonies by Brenda.
Let�s make a memory� Let�s make it Now
Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 13: Our World
TD: I often celebrate the life I live with Anna� together for almost forty years. Here we are, hand-in-hand looking for new horizons.
We have got something so rare
Steve Jensen... guitars & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 14: Watching You
TD: What must the extraterrestrials be thinking as they look down upon us� from a distance? This was written in August, 2019 just in time for inclusion on this album. We called the Occupants in 1976� they finally responded.
We have been Watching You
Bill Nadeau... guitars & Brenda Webb.. b/g vocals.

Track 15: Freedom
TD: I have always enjoyed history and I salute those who serve. This song was written on the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 2017. Powerful vocals by Spitt Passion drive the song� another favorite.
Freedom is never free
Bill Nadeau... guitars & Spitt Passion.. b/g vocals.

Track 16: If I Only Had A Brain
TD: I�ve been playing this song from The Wizard of Oz for many years. I have the original song book that contains the original 3 intros to each of the 3 characters. Upon deciding to finally record this song, I reinstalled these pieces that do not appear in the film. The arrangement treats each character differently� The Scarecow is backed by violins & pizzicato playing� The Tinman has a choir of cherubs singing in the background and The Lion is surrounded by a brass band.
I could while away the hours
Terry D� all instruments & vocals.


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